I’m Michel- Educator, Coach, Father & Husband


I am a chemistry and science teacher in Edmonton. Besides teaching I do E-Learning and design work for a various clients, tutor and consult when I can.  Although this work pulls me in different directions they are all related to technology and education, two of the main areas of focus for my life and career.


Previously, I taught Chemistry, Science and Computers in Vancouver, BC and my hometown of Peace River, Alberta. I received my first degree from the University of Alberta in Education majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Biology. I have also trained firefighters for the Edmonton Fire Department E-Learning Division, worked as a pesticide applicator and a pharmacy technician.

Free Time?

When I am not teaching or parenting I also enjoy any sports or outdoor activities including running, football, mountain-biking, canoeing, Frisbee, camping, hiking, etc. I am a also an avid computer user, always looking to electronics and the Internet to reduce work and make teaching and life easier. This is part of my reason for pursuing a masters in educational technology, I have seen these links pay off in my own classrooms and want to study it more.

“Be nice to future you, and learn it now.”